Vintage Strawberry Shortcake figurines

I’ve had these little cuties since I was little. I can’t believe they still smell! I think that’s amazing. I also can’t believe things from the ’80’s are considered “vintage”, but what are you gonna do?

vintage Strawberry Shortcake figurines


A satisfying display

We inherited 2 bookshelves and 2 file cabinets from my husband’s office, which are already coming in handy. I’m not a fan anymore of the “blond” wood color so popular at IKEA, but beggars can’t be choosers. I thought I might be able to use one of the bookshelves in our “toy corner”, which was such a disaster, it wasn’t even funny. There was a small toy box against one wall, a vintage side table against the other, and toys & stuffed animals piled high all around, and more spilling onto the floor. The avalanche was so extreme, it even blocked the way to the TV entertainment center.

I ended up putting both bookshelves in the corner, even though they overlap slightly (maybe 2 inches). I decided to be OK with that, even though things like that tend to bother me. I’m a perfectionist. Not to be confused with “I do everything perfectly”, by any means! So, after placing a few things, neatly, on the shelves, I took a step back and stared at the tops. It was too bare. It needed some visual interest. So I looked around for something cool, or pretty, and decided on the fairy house. I had seen it at Pottery Barn Kids, and fell so much in love, that I kept an eye out for when it went on sale. It’s exactly the kind of thing I look at longingly, thinking, “I could probably make that!”, but of course never do. Then I started putting books on the shelf, picked up a vintage one sent to me by ex-blogger pixiegenné, and wondered how it would look on top, next to the fairy house. It was earthy-toned, and had to do with magic, so I thought it was perfect. Then I had to find something for the other bookshelf, because, well, it had to be balanced. I need things to be symmetrical. I didn’t want anything bright & plastic, so I chose the Radio Flyer wagon. Then I picked up a pile of these vintage schoolbooks that were being given away at my daughters’ school, and wondered if I could put one in or next to the wagon, maybe a blue one for my son (since it was looking like one shelf was for my daughters, the other for my son). It didn’t work out. So I just put the book on the other side of the fairy house. It looks nice! I’m quite satisfied with it.

Oh, and I love the shadow the fairy house casts on the wall in the afternoon. “Oh, What Fun!”, and “A Magic Afternoon”, indeed!



shelf top

If only…

If only I’d gotten home a few minutes sooner, I wouldn’t have missed out on this totally random, funky, yet really cool vintage tapestry purse:

Tapestry purse

I refreshed my eBay page 4 minutes too late. I even thought to myself, the day I added it to my watched items list, “How cool would it be if nobody bid on it, and I won it for 99 cents?” Ugh, I was SO close! That’ll teach me. DON’T LEAVE THE HOUSE WHEN AN AUCTION’S ABOUT TO END! Dur.

Native American Art

I bought this several years ago, at the Adams Avenue Antique Faire. Which I just found out does not happen anymore. Bummer!

I liked it because the little girl is cute, and it looked vintage, and it looked special. I’ve always had a soft spot for Native American culture, too (is that an odd statement?). Having an artist’s signature is usually a good sign, I thought, but I had no idea who it was or if they were even famous. Its home has always been my daughter’s bedroom.

I did some research on it last night, for the first time ever, and found out that the artist is Gerda Christoffersen, from Denmark. She moved to Canada with her family, then here to the States, and started depicting Native American life. So, apparently, she’s pretty famous, and this could be valuable. I never would have guessed.

It’s titled “Desert Flower”. Isn’t she cute?!



vintage earrings

I’m late with “Vintage Sunday”, but oh well! Here’s a pair of earrings I bought in 2007, and haven’t even worn. Which shouldn’t surprise you, if you know me at all. I just haven’t had occasion (or the balls) to wear them. !!!

They were made by Vendome, and they are clip-on/screw-back. Aren’t they beauuutiful?



Vintage Sunday!

It’s so boring around this ol’ blog, I decided to spice things up. Everyone and their mother has a “Monday this”, or a “Wednesday that” category, so I figured why not me? Well, actually it’s the reverse, like “Wordless Wednesday”, or “Thoughtful Thursday”, but you get the gist. I decided something easy I can do, and fun, is to share anything vintage I have, or even like, but don’t have. Isn’t there tons of that out there for everyone? I think so. So here we go!

Starting simple, with a vintage postcard from Spain:


Do you see the incredible needlework there?

See the ribbon? Such detail, all for a postcard! They sure don’t make things like they used to.