Hello Kitty Birthday Party

My middle one turned 7 in December, and changed the party theme on me kind of last minute. So I scoured every Target in creation looking for those dollar section tote bags they had, which were so cute and quite a deal (in my head), to be given as goody bags. After much ado, I managed to wrangle enough for 14 girls, but not before I stumbled upon these cute cardboard pails at my last stop… oh, the indecision! Do I go with my original goal/idea, which I’ve finally reached, or do I switch it up last minute and go another route? Good grief, I could not decide. So I decided to buy both! But then I couldn’t decide if I should do half & half, or let the girls themselves choose, or just make a decision myself, or ask my daughter, or give both. I asked several people for their opinion, including both daughters, and finally decided to do the pails. They lined up better on the table, anyway.

(Inside the white bowl on the corner: red crocheted bow barrettes, à la Hello Kitty)

I hung up some leftover red w/ white polka dots fabric, to use as a backdrop for pictures, but of course never followed through. Why is it that not everything you envision ever happens? Or is that just me?

My meager attempt at hiding the unsightly kitchen:

I took inspiration from Jenny B. at Allsorts, and made little felt “trees” for the kids to decorate. That was the only craft I could come up with. So I bought a bag of sequins and laid out all my ribbon for the kids to choose from. I still have tons left over!

Left to right: Oreo pops, red vines, gummy cherry slices, sixlets, cupcakes, gumballs, Oreo pops, yogurt raisins. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get a close-up of the banner I made, which is typical. I alternated the reds (red background, white polka dots and a red & white gingham) with solid white, edged with my scallop shears. I like the way it turned out.

Hello Kitty didn’t come out perfectly, but she was good enough. It was pretty simple, and kinda fun. Not too bad for my first attempt at a “sculpted” cake, I don’t think.