Cool pendants

I found this shop on Etsy a few months ago, called Home Studio, and fell in love with their pendants. They’re actually Scrabble tiles! So, I saved a few in my favorites list, and kept checking back to see if they were still available. I lost out on this one:

But then came their “Buy 2, get 1 free” sale, so I thought, “Well, it’s now or never”. I love them! And I don’t care if that British slogan is cliché now, I like it. If you like it, buy it. You shouldn’t care what others say. Isn’t that what they say?!

Thanks, Home Studio!


Scrambled pancakes, anyone?!

I was surfing through blogland the other night, and read about scrambled pancakes. It was in a comment on angry chicken’s “crackers” post. It sounded interesting, so I googled it. I found out that it’s a German recipe, and they’re called “schmarren”. Every website I visited had basically 1 of 2 recipes for them, so I picked the easiest, the one that didn’t require separating eggs. It seemed like with that one, you ended up with a regular pancake, which you then chopped up. Which sounded good! But the one I chose just called for whisking all ingredients together, then scrambling. Little sis asked for pancakes the next morning, so I thought I’d try it out. They’re supposed to brown a little bit, which mine didn’t. I guess my pan wasn’t hot enough when I put them in, I don’t know. It was not looking good, though. It seemed like it was taking way longer to cook than it should have, and it was just looking like a gloopy, uncooked mass of yellow. Yuck!

Little sister looked at the stuff in the pan, and said, “I’m not gonna like it”. I told her I was sorry, but that was what we had. I poured maple syrup on the whole thing, gave her a small amount in a bowl, and she said, “You will see. I’m gonna make a face. Watch”. I told her to just give it a try. So she did, and much to my surprise, said she liked it. She said it tasted like waffle and syrup and pancake and egg. And it does! Well, I’d say it tastes like a cross between scrambled eggs and pancakes. The syrup is a must. It’s definitely different, and I’ll even go so far as to say “funky”. The tastes are familiar, but the texture/combination just threw me off. Not sure I’d make it again!